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PhD Candidate at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD

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I got my bike!!! It came with assembly instructions, and I have some pictures of me trying to put it together that I’ll post as soon as I can find my camera download cord (I’ll post some from Annie’s camera now). After a tune-up and a rather expensive fit to get the bike exactly right (and figuring out I need to order a shorter stem piece for a better fit/ so I don’t hurt my back), the bike was ready to ride! Annie and I went on our first ride (16 miles) on Friday, and tried out the Monterey hills for a quick ride on Sat. I realized I have a lot of work to do for hills. Though the ride was short, the streets are pretty steep and we were having a rough time getting up them. There’s a one-block section on the ride from the bike path to our house that is just barely doable for me right now, but I’m hoping that it will only get easier with time (…and practice..and resistance training at the gym). Today we went on a 27 mile ride! It was along the coastal bike path and thus mostly flat, but absolutely gorgeous though somewhat sandy and wet (it drizzled for about half the time). When the path veered away from the coast and into farmland, it was really windy and difficult to keep up any speed (/to keep the bike upright). Later I looked up the forecasted winds: 10-20 mph in that area. No wonder!

All in all, we’ve done about 57 miles since we picked up our bikes on Friday. We have to do 500 before the trip starts, so we’re already over 1/10 of the way there! I’m guessing I’ll feel more comfortable the more miles we do, so we’ll probably way overshoot that required minimum. I’m loving the bike, the clipless pedals (haven’t fallen because of them yet!) and my newfound ability to get places without a car. But I know I have so far to go before I can take on the century in April and Bike and Build in June.

Thanks for the support,