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Tessa Pierce

PhD Candidate at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD

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On March 14th, we headed down to Solvang to do our longest ride (at that time), 50 miles! The course didn’t have too much elevation gain, and we were excited and a little nervous, but it went great! We didn’t have leg or arm warmers and so froze in the wind, but other than that it was a wonderful ride. The rest stop was in Lompoc at the halfway point, and we had some oranges and tried out some of their chocolate energy drink mix (though it didn’t take more than two sips to decide that I’m sticking to fruit drinks in the future). I got really sore from my saddle on the way back and realized I needed to switch out the stock saddle before Bike and Build. I ended up getting the Terry Butterfly (it came highly recommended from many people) and love it so far, even though I’m still adjusting to get the perfect fit. Overall, it was a great ride- so fun to see everyone out there, from the fast, intense cyclists with nice bikes and clipless pedals, to the less avid cyclists enjoying the ride on beach cruisers or mountain bikes.