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We’re back in action! Annie had her wisdom teeth taken out last friday, so the past week or so, I’ve been doing mostly gym workouts. It’s been difficult to keep up with training, as we’re reaching the end of the quarter and the work is piling on. Finals/ final presentations happen over the next two weeks. But yesterday we finally got back on the road. A friend from lab told us about this website, mapmyride.com, that lets you plan a bike route to your destination and gives you information about distance, elevation changes, and the grade of the road.

The website also has a number of routes that people recommend in the area. We tried out one of these yesterday- around the coast on 17 mile drive, then up into the hills and through a bit of carmel before heading back home. It was wonderful! Beautiful scenery and a decent climb (read: hard), and we ran into a number of other cyclists that helped us figure out the exact route. We did get lost once though, and went up a hill for about a mile and a half before deciding we were on the wrong path! But the best thing about climbing up is that you get to ride down. I’ve always loved speed, and so I have to be careful not to lose Annie on those downhills (though she’s got to be careful not to lose me on the uphills)! We stopped for delicious sandwiches at a deli on the way home, and the short and steep hill up to our house was not as terrible as I remember. When we’re struggling up the steep section, someone in a car always yells out encouragement or cheers us on. It never fails to amuse and motivate me.

Speaking of motivation, I passed the halfway point in fundraising this week! Thank you (thank you, thank you!) for all the support emails, advice, posts, and donations. I’m going up these hills thanks to you : )

here’s the ride: