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Biased Policing in San Diego

We shouldn’t need statistics (or videos) to believe our fellow humans about their lived experiences. But sometimes data can highlight the glaring differences...

Deploying Mkdocs via Github Actions

I need to edit some documentation for our workflow projects dammit and elvers. These docs are set up in mkdocs, which I love for it’s simplicity: I can write...


snakemake & slurm

Snakemake can submit each of your jobs to the slurm scheduler for you! To enable this, you need to provide the --cluster option to snakemake on the command l...


On Snakemake and wrappers for workflows

A few months ago, Titus wrote about the dib-lab’s slow creep into the world of snakemake for workflow applications. Thanks to some good examples and a lot of...


Starting Postdoc

I'm starting a postdoc in the Data Intensive Biology Lab at UC Davis, run by Titus Brown. I’m kicking it off as an instructor at DIBSI!


Software Carpentry

Teaching my first software carpentry workshop at UCSD next week! More info here.