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PhD Candidate at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD

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Starting Postdoc

I'm starting a postdoc in the Data Intensive Biology Lab at UC Davis, run by Titus Brown. I’m kicking it off as an instructor at DIBSI!


Software Carpentry

Teaching my first software carpentry workshop at UCSD next week! More info here.



...And Now We're In New Mexico!

Wow. this trip is going so fast. Let me recap the last few states: Missouri was crazy: hilly, windy and tiresome. we did a 3-day stretch of 300 miles that w...

Bloomington, Indiana

I finally have some time on the computer again. I’m currently in Bloomington, Indiana! We have a build day today, but the Habitat for Humanity can only use ...

Going West, Must Cross Mountains

I can’t believe how amazing this trip has been, and it’s only week two! Today is one of our four days off, so we are hanging around Pittsburgh and getting so...

Boston To Santa Barbara!

It all starts tomorrow! Sorry I’ve been lax about posting lately- life got a little busy trying to finish up the school year. So now, I’ve graduated, have a ...

Sea Otter Classic April 19th

The day started like any other day: get up at 5am, get into cycling gear and get ready to ride 100 miles. Ok, so it wasn’t really like any other day, but it ...

Solvang Half Century

On March 14th, we headed down to Solvang to do our longest ride (at that time), 50 miles! The course didn’t have too much elevation gain, and we were excited...

Back in Action

We’re back in action! Annie had her wisdom teeth taken out last friday, so the past week or so, I’ve been doing mostly gym workouts. It’s been difficult to k...

My Bike

I got my bike!!! It came with assembly instructions, and I have some pictures of me trying to put it together that I’ll post as soon as I can find my camera ...